We can do better.

At Blogold, we believe religiously in that sentence. It drives what we do, in that we always have better in mind. Better freedoms. Better features. Better support. We are all about better.

What is Blogold?

Blogold is the new master brand for a set of products with the user first and foremost. Blogold puts free/libre and open source software in the hands of users under the name Blogold Softworks.

Blogold also puts secure and effective hardware in the hands of everyone: this is called Blogold Hardworks.

Who is Blogold?

Blogold is owned and administered by Blake Leonard. His work will become available on this site as he migrates from his old site at https://b252.gq.

Blogold Projects

Blogold Projects is moving! All of the existing Blogold Projects will get moved here. The descriptions and roadmaps will be migrated to a new format. More to come!

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