We can do better.

At Blogold, we believe religiously in that sentence. It drives what we do, in that we always have better in mind. Better freedoms. Better features. Better support. We are all about better.


Softworks is the division Blogold has for software. We power anything Blogold that runs on your device. Blogold Softworks' products include the NodeSnapWeb web server, PTOTool, a .pto file creator and editor, Vivid, a Mastodon and Pleroma frontend, and this very website!


Hardworks is the division Blogold has for physical objects, such as phones and computers. We build your Blogold device. Currently there are no released products, but there are some planned such as the Blogold Mobile smartphone and OneHub line of smart home products.


Media is Blogold's division for non-installables, but viewable media such as news publications and videos. Gaming entertainment from MajikShinyBote and the Misintelligence blog and news source are fun and helpful members of this division.


Blogold Projects is the well-known home for Blogold's unfinished and in-development work. In the past, Blake Site Find was a Blogold Project. These projects are open-source. The "Blogold" brand name comes from Blogold Projects!

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Check out the IDs page for more accounts related to Blogold and its members.

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You'll want to check out Misintelligence for now.

Check back on this page often to see if I've found a better place.