Myfile fields

All fields are optional. These are base fields. The fields in References also apply.

Field Name Value Description
name string (display name) This is the name the user should see upon visiting the Myfile's page. If this is not present, it falls back on the username.
description string This is the bio section of the Myfile's profile. This explains the purpose of the Myfile or describes what it represents.
picture Address as string This is a an address (data: URIs recommended) to a profile picture. The address needs to be a URL beginning with the scheme (including the signature ://) or a Multiformats address beginning with a /. Since Multiformats isn't very well adopted, they may be ignored.
type Type as string The current types are: ["person", "event", "organization", "place", "website"]. If a valid type is not set, it is assumed to be "person."
links Array of string Each link can be in Markdown format, i.e. [Label](URL), or can be the URL itself. Due to the way browsers handle links, it is not recommended to use Multiformats addresses here.
publickey string (JSON-escaped armored public key string) The PUBLIC KEY that represents/belongs to the (person represented by the) Myfile. NEVER use a private key in a Myfile! This is used to verify the owner of most non-"person" Myfiles, such as websites.
owner MyfileAddress as string The Myfile address to a party responsible for this Myfile or what it represents. If the owner has a "publickey" set, then the property (the Myfile this field is on) must have a "verification" field.
cards Array of Card See Cards.
verification string See Verification.
sshkey string The Myfile user's SSH PUBLIC KEY. NEVER use a private key in a Myfile! Servers can use this to allow users to authenticate to their servers.