Myfiles have several types of field namespacing:

  • URL-based namespacing. This is mostly for compatibility with older systems. A URL can be the key.
  • Domain or family namespacing. This is used for shared namespaces based on well-known names, standards, or protocols, such as ActivityPub or cryptography ("ap:..." and "crypto:...").
  • Subnaming or reverse domain naming. This is used for proprietary or other names, standards, protocols, websites, etc. For example, for a Google Play signing key, you might see a key like this: "" This format looks familiar if you're an Android developer or power user. (Technically, is the namespace and signing is the name.)

Similarly, there are several types of field naming under namespaces or transcending them:

  • Unique naming. This type of naming is completely unique because it uses a UUID to uniquely identify the field. This is not recommended as its function is not obvious.
  • Distinct naming. This type of naming should be used in almost all scenarios. The purpose of the key is obvious and known.