Myfile Usernames

A "username" is the filename of the Myfile, seen after the "//" in a Myfile address.


  • can have alphanumeric characters (i.e. [0-9a-zA-Z])
  • can have parentheses (( and )), brackets ([ and ]), and curly braces ({ and }). They do not have to match.
  • can have the less-than (<) and greater-than (>) symbols.
  • cannot have emoji. They can be represented in the xn--... punycode form.
  • can be any (reasonable) length. They must be at least one character, for blank usernames refer to the domain.
  • can have the plus +, minus -, ampersand ("and" sign) &, asterisk *, forward-slashes / (these are not used for navigation past the // in the path), tildes ~, underscores (underlines) _, and exclamation points !.